Thursday, 1 October 2020

Leave Laptops, get Smarter with Smartphones for Online Classes

 Are online classes putting a burden on your pockets? The lockdown caused most offices, schools and universities to conduct online classes. Usually, people had one or two laptops in their homes and used the laptops or desktops provided by their offices for work. But with everyone working or studying from home, everyone needs a separate laptop or system. So does that mean that parents will have to invest in two more laptops for their two children studying from online classes? No, you need to get smarter with smart phones. 

Leave Laptops, get Smarter with Smartphones for Online Classes

Smartphones are a marvel of science and technology. There is nothing that a smartphone cannot do what a laptop can. These smartphones of today have all the features and performances of a laptop and offer even more features. In this blog, we will see how you can get smarter with smartphones. Now you can leave your costly laptops aside and enjoy the benefits of these portable devices.

Advantages of Laptops:

  • These come with a big screen that makes it easy for those who are working on designing software such as photoshop, coreldraw, etc.
  • The keyboard on a laptop is important for those involved in content writing or typing jobs.

Limitations of Laptops:

  • Laptops are heavier than smartphones and you cannot carry them easily here and there at home.
  • With online classes and online skype meetings, usually three or four members of a house are today working or studying from home. To have ample space and privacy for all in a small house is not practical. Often if two children are attending online classes on laptops and the parents are working on their laptops, privacy is an issue in a two-bedroom house.
  • Laptops generally come with a battery life of 2 to 3 hours on a single charge, after which you need to charge it. So, everyone working or studying on a laptop needs to sit near a charging socket.
  • These are very costly. Usually, a good laptop is priced at Rs. 35,000 and more. This is making it tough for parents to buy separate gadgets for all their children.

Advantages of Smartphones:

  • Today, smartphones can do everything that a laptop can.
  • On a single charge at night, most smartphones last for a whole day, without the need to keep charging them.
  • You can use a portable battery charger easily, in case of low charge.
  • For online classes, skype meetings or general discussions, all you need is video and audio, which is easily accessible on a smartphone. You do not need the big screen of a laptop to attend your skype calls or meetings.
  • Smartphones can be carried in kitchens and balconies too, if you are short of place for attending classes and are also looking for some privacy and quiet.
  • These are available in all price ranges. Today, you can get a good smartphone for as low as Rs. 7000 and beyond. This makes it easy for parents to buy separate phones for all their children, so that everyone can have their personal gadget to attend online classes or submit their works.

Disadvantages of Smartphones:

  • These do not come with a big screen like a laptop. But you get some additional screens that can be placed in front of the phone display to magnify the image.
  • Smartphones are not practical for those involved in content writing or typing jobs.

Final Verdict:

When you see from an online classes point of view, a smartphone is much better than a laptop today. It provides all the features and some better facilities when compared to a laptop for the current requirement. So, all parents, kids, teenagers need to get smarter. Leave laptops and invest in smartphones to fulfill the needs of  your online assignment writing, online classes, tuitions, meetings and conferences. This way, the laptop at home can be used by someone who needs to type or design. Vivo U10, Nokia 2.3 Android 10, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 are some examples of smartphones priced below Rs. 10,000. So, think wisely and spend sensibly!

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