Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Domino’s Pizza, Ola And Many Such Other Useful Apps To Be Listed In The Paytm Mini App Store Exclusively For Indian Developers

Paytm recently launched its Paytm Mini App Store inside its digital payments app. This feature was announced on Monday, just days after tech entrepreneurs in India demanded for a national app store. But this mini app store is not exactly a national app store, as it does not give access to native apps or developer tools. It only hosts links to progressive Web apps or the light apps that can easily run within a Web browser without the need for any installation. Currently, it lists only a few apps, but soon over 300 services are expected to be listed.

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This paytm mini app store has been designed to enable small developers in India to set up their low cost apps using Javascript and HTML. The listed apps open within a window inside the Paytm app and the listings are free.

The developers get access to free payment avenues including Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank and UPI. But, for those using credit charges, an extra 2% charge is levied. Paytm also provides a dashboard for payments collection, analytics, and such other marketing tools.

The Mini App Store is currently in its beta testing phase with selected users in the country. It has noticed 12 million visitors in September this year. The other apps listed include AQI monitor, MojoPizza, EMI calculator, Speedtest and Unit Converter. Paytm disclosed that over 300 app-based services have already enlisted and joined their programme, such as Domino’s Pizza, Decathlon, Netmeds, Freshmenu, NoBroker, Ola and many others. These apps are expected to be seen in the Paytm Mini App Store soon. 

One Twitter user posted that this feature was already available on the Paytm app from a few months. To clarify this, some companies have reached out to the company and soon a report will be updated on the same. Whether the feature was available earlier or has been tweaked and enhanced now will be known and disclosed soon.

To use this feature, you need to open you Paytm app and click on Show More > Mini App Store on the home page. You can find this on the pop-up menu. After that, this portal will direct users to explore the various listed apps, use them and also make payments through the apps. You do not need to download or install any apps.

Google announced last month that it would be levying a 30% fee on the apps listed on Google Play that are not using its billing system. This announcement led to the demand for a national app store alternative to Google Play, by the Indian developers and entrepreneurs. 

In lieu of this national rally, Google pushed back this enforcement until March 31, 2022. As per Google, this delay has been brought so that Indian developers get ample time to implement for the UPI subscription option. Paytm, a key Indian app was recently pulled out of Google Play for violating its content rules and not offering cashback and vouchers as claimed by them earlier. 

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