About Us

About Us

Hello, I am a student who loves reading about various new smartphones, tablets, headphones and other such gadgets launches on the internet every day. My interest in the field of technology and gadgets has given me a good sense of judgement and analysis. I follow various websites that cater to new gadget launches and their reviews, but I must say I hardly am ever satisfied. The first time I realized this was when I actually took a handset to understand its features and workings and felt that the way it was described on various review sites did not give the gadget its due credit.

Such improper or incomplete reviews have a direct impact on the brand and its selling as there are many customers today who prefer reading reviews based on personal experiences of customers and only then making a buying decision. This directly affects the brand as well as the customer who is not able to enjoy a particular model.

There are some websites though that do put an effort to give a detailed review of a new gadget, but they do not cover up all the new launches. I have been noticing this void in this field since a long time. I want to cater to such customers who only spend their hard earned money on a particular gadget after reading a proper and detailed review.

With my knowledge in gadgets and the ability to express myself well in words, I have started my own blogging site, wherein I will give detailed reviews for new gadgets, phones, tablets and other such tech gadgets. I aim to cover every new tech gadget launched in the Indian market in my blogs in an unbiased way, so that customers have a good idea about what they can expect from the gadget.

I hope to make it easier for customers to buy gadgets and not regret later after wasting their money. My blogs have detailed descriptions of the features, body, camera, performance, apps, hardware, software, accessories, speed, and many such features that attract a customer to a gadget. I also put in my star ratings and my final verdict to give an overall image of the gadget.